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March's Featured Artist:

Ben Holder (violin / piano / vocals)

Ben Holder is one of the most gifted and exciting young jazz violinists in the UK. Taught classically from the age of six, he studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire. At an early age, Ben began listening to Jazz - classic masters such as Benny Goodman, Oscar Peterson and of course the great jazz violinists including Grappelli, Joe Venuti and Stuff Smith. Ben's innate sense of swing rhythm (something which often eludes classical players) stems from those early listening sessions - and his various awards bear testimony to his abilities - a first call jazz violinist for many of the country's top bands and studios.

Ben is an incredible musician and a formidable entertainer. Highly praised at jazz clubs and venues up and down the country, he guests alongside other world-class players with the same enthusiasm and energy with which he leads his own ensembles. His recordings are special - but don't miss this guy in action!